About Us

There is more to Uni Life than just study. Our primary goal is to enhance the student experience on campus and deliver opportunities for all students to experience more to Uni life than just study.  We play host to several events such as:

  • O Camp
  • O Week
  • On campus activities and events
  • Campus Sport
  • Lunchtime tunes
  • Interfaculty Sport



Kim Colquhoun -General Manager

Fiona Bennie – Sports and Student Experience Coordinator

Shelly Wynne – Bookstore Coordinator

Nevenka Lucic – Quality Coordinator

Ruby Estepa – Depot Coordinator

Debbie Temelkovski – JDV Coordinator


Our Board of Directors for 2017

Parvathi Subramaniam – President

Rebecca Harrisson – Vice President

Cameron Jewell – Treasurer

Tom Patterson – Director


Recent Annual Reports

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Click here to view the 2012 Annual Report