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O Camp 2018

The ultimate start to University life.

What is O Camp?

O Camp is an annual event for first year students undertaking a degree at The University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences. It is your chance to hang out with and get to know the people you will be studying with throughout your degree. You will also have an opportunity to meet more experienced Health Science students and get some inside information about what to expect from your degree. Most of all, O Camp is an action packed weekend for you to get away, make new friends, have loads of fun and form some of the best memories in your University life!

What will we get up to at O Camp?

There will be a huge mix of activities ranging from mentor sessions, epic night parties, to simply chilling out with your new friends. The mentoring program will be a key component to O Camp, where older students will walk you through elements of your degree, life at uni and everything in between. Once the sun sets, be ready for fun-packed nights.

O‐Camp is for everyone so rest assured that whether you are the outgoing type who wants to get a little crazy or you just want a relaxing weekend away, your interests will be catered to.

Are we actually camping?

Definitely not! O Camp will be held at Milson Island Sport & Rec Centre, accessible only via boat. Your ticket will include a nice warm bed in this quality accommodation. Most of our activities will be held in the resort’s activity hall and catered food will also be provided.

The Team behind O Camp

O Camp is hosted and funded by Cumberland Student Guild and is run by students who have been involved in almost everything Sydney Uni, Cumberland has to offer, both curricular and extracurricular. We understand how important O Camp is to kickstart your University life, and it is for this reason we strive to bring you the best O Camp ever.


Departing Campus on Friday 9 March 2018 at 2pm approx.
Arriving back to campus on Sunday 11 March 2018 at 1pm approx.


Milson Island Sport and recreation Centre


$99 all inclusive

More info?

Fiona Bennie:

How do I book?

Register and Sign up online.

In preparation for your stay at Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre for your upcoming booking, it is vital that we receive information relating to medical, dietary and other special needs for all attending participants and other supervising adults.  This information is provided using our online Medical and Consent form available at:

Parents/guardians must complete this form on behalf of their child. Visiting adults are also required to complete the form. When communicating this information you must include the following details:

Booking Number 536093
Booking Start Date 09/03/2018
Booking Venue Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre

All Medical and Consent forms MUST be submitted online fourteen (14) days prior to the start date. We recommend you ask parents/guardians and supervising adults to submit the form by Friday, 16 February, 2018. Suggested text is provided below to assist you when communicating to attending participants.

Please contact the Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre staff on (02) 9985 9261 or if you have any further questions or queries.

Thank you for your assistance with this process.
On behalf of
Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre